Located in Jungahn-myun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea, DAESAN INOTEC is a leading manufacturer in Electric Chain Hoist, Chain Block, Lever Hoist, Trolley, Wire Rope Winch in Korea for the last 3 decades of hoist manufacturing. DAESAN has been proven worldwide with their excellency with their products through distributors in U.S.A, Latin America, Asia, and Middle East region.

Wherever you are, DAESAN takes the weight off with our electric and manual hoists and trolley. 

Chemical plant, construction plant, ship-building yard and other industrial manufacturing plant in Korea as well as 40 other countries abroad are lifting and moving load with DAESAN products.

DAESAN is committed to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customer’s needs. DAESAN provides services solutions to whenever safety weight load is required.