• Heavy Duty, Magnetic Drilling machine, MAB 455,  230v
MAB 455

  • Name: Heavy Duty, Magnetic Drilling machine, MAB 455, 230v
  • Order No.: 10020006
  • Brand: BDS
  •   Scope of supply:

The made in Germany, 40 mm dia. drilling with morse taper 2 heavy duty magnetic base drilling machine. Powerful & Reliable 10.5 Amp double-insulated motor, 17-1/4" high, 29 lbs., High-speed, 2-speed oilbath gearbox, ideal for annular cutters and twist drills, Designed for continuous use, Intelligent electronic torque control, Drill up to 2" dia., Uses annular cutters, Twist drilling up to 7/8" diameter, Integrated cutting oil reservoir, Automatic internal lubrication, Swivel base (model MAB 455 SB), Keyless Cutter Mount, Quick-change keyless cutter system for 3/4" Weldon shank, Integrated Safety, Green/Red LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation, Internal cable routing, Simple, ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation, Emergency-off function. The motor gearbox of the BDS magnetic drilling magnetic base drilling machines are made of oil bath unlike the grease or fat gearbox from other manufacturer. The disadvantage of grease or fat gearbox is that when the grease is in Solid state the gearbox the completely filled with grease but, after working with the magnetic base drilling machine the gearbox of the magnetic base drilling machine gets heated up changing the solid Druckstate of grease to liquid state. In liquid state the level of grease decreases and there is no lubrication for the upper gears, which thus in time damages the gearbox. The advantage of BDS oil bath gearbox is that oil in cold or hot temperature is always in liquid state, hence oil always provides lubrication to upper as well as lower gears, thus increasing the service life of the magnetic base drilling machine drastically.
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